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Available Program

Available Program

A uniquely designed program:

Sint Maarten Institute of Science and Technology, recognizing the importance of higher standards and demands of ICT in education in the 21st Century, considering that a minuscule amount of instructors are in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in ICT instruction, that the FBE Curriculum for Elementary Education requires technology as one of its eight (8) pillars, that secondary – and post-secondary (vocational) education -Dutch and CXC- also requires technology to be taught at higher and innovative standards, and that technology in all its spectrum offers great future opportunities for our students in technology / engineering, has decided to develop a certification program, in collaboration with its International Accredited partner. This will enable current teachers holding a Bachelor’s degree, to upgrade the aforementioned skills and adequately instruct, stimulate and motivate their students.

The objective of this Capacity Building Certification Program for ICT Instructors (ICT Teaching Bachelor’s Certification) is to equip teachers with ICT knowledge, didactic insight and skills needed to independently and adequate instruct students at the required level. This program also aims to stimulate collaboration between the participants in order to promote professionalism amongst the target-groups.

Start of the program is: 14, 15 and 16 March 2019;
Only 20 slots available.
Financial options available (including a laptop)

Click here to download the program modules.

For additional information, please contact the program coordinator at info@sxmcollege.org

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