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Welcome to the ICT Capacity building program for Teachers in the Compulsory Education

Below you will find all relevant information related to this program. Since time is of essence for the kick-off of this program you might find additional updated information on this page which is mainly for the participants. Make sure to visit this page frequently during the upcoming days to keep abreast with the latest updates. If for whatever reasons you might not have access to Internet, please request the latest updates from the Program Coordinator which by now you’ve already contacted either via email or phone.

Enrollment request

Download the enrollment document here, fill it out, scan and sent the completed document to the Program Coordinator via info@sxmcollege.org. The non-refundable fee that must be paid when submitting your enrollment request document is USD $20.00 Please deposit this amount to our PSB Bank NV account number with mentioning of your Name and code: Cohort 1921_CICT.

Learning Management System

In order to take advantage of the online environment, class communication, instructions, assignments and to contact with your Instructor(s), you will have to click on this link (not activated yet). Make sure before you do so, you have already received an invitation via your registered email address prior trying to enter via the link above. For quality purposes and transparency, both the Program Director as the External Quality Control from our International Partner will have access to monitor modules’ progress, results and to see if the organization complies with the MOU signed between Sint Maarten Institute of Science and Technology and them.


Please download the tentative face-to-face date/time schedule for this program. If for whatever reasons date/time will have to be adjusted, the Coordinator will inform you timely via the Learning Management System. Click here to download the tentative schedule.

Learning Material

On the following link, you will find the program learning materials you need. These are mandatory material you must have in order to participate in this rigorous program, including the engineering kits from Little-bits and Arduino. All material and kits are copy right products from the respective developers. No unauthorized copies are allowed, since we respect and uphold authors rights.

Information of our Faculty

On the main option tab “our team”, you will find an overview of information related to the Faculty members of this program. Click here to see the list of the Faculty members.


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